Like Joshua Oppenheimer’s astounding The Look of SilenceCensored Voices turns the lens of history onto the victors of a conflict they perceive as a righteous one – however not quite to the same level of success Oppenheimer achieved.

Some excellent and eye-opening archival footage is combined to great effect with the eponymous “censored voices” of Israeli soldiers expressing doubts about their country’s conduct during the Six Day War. One feels, however, that the filmmakers are not delving as deeply into these men’s minds as they could have done, and therefore struggle to offer anything truly incisive, revealing or surprising.

Censored Voices is fascinating, thought provoking and emotional, though perhaps not as much as it could have been given the subject matter.



DIRECTOR: Mor Loushy

WRITERS: Mor Loushy, Daniel Sivan

SYNOPSIS: In 1967, the “Six Day War” ended with a decisive victory for Israel. After 45 years of censorship, recordings of their soldiers’ musings in the immediate aftermath of the conflict are revealed for the first time.

Censored Voices screened in the Documentary Competition at the 2015 London Film Festival.