ZARI is a film confident in its narrative. A flaw? Perhaps, yet an impressive statement of intent.

Slow to borderline boring, this short never rushes. Yet to criticise this hands-off, emotionally detached approach misses the point.

The mundanity of the narrative echoes that of the robot’s daily life. Marsh places us within its POV. Far cleverer than your initial thoughts, Marsh sources her greatest achievement through the ‘boredom’.

Cold yet empathetic, the writer-director creates an uncomfortable inner world for us to immerse in. Gorgeously shot on film, and (almost) dialogue-free, Marsh showcases herself as a talent to watch.

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CAST: Laura Quesinberry, Chris Connell, William Joseph Hill, Trixx Ian Vitolo

DIRECTOR: Courtney Marsh

WRITER: Courtney Marsh

SYNOPSIS: An outdated and seemingly limited household robot attempts to communicate with the family dog.