The idea that we can receive one final message from dead loved ones is appealing to us as humans, and is interestingly played upon through flashbacks interspersed throughout the narrative, demonstrating how the past may come back to haunt you.

Sheehan is at his best when seemingly losing his mind, whereas the grumpy “I hate the world” act doesn’t work without the charm that made him so likable in Misfits. Lily Cole is wooden as the concerned sister, and although the main dilemma of the film – can Jack actually speak to the dead? – is an interesting one, the execution wears thin.

Robert Sheehan has some good moments, and his flashbacks are the most interesting thing, but a directionless narrative lets The Messenger down.



DIRECTOR: David Blair

WRITER: Andrew Kirk

CAST: Robert Sheehan, Lily Cole, Tamzin Merchant, Deirdre O’Kane, Andrew Tiernan, Jack Fox

SYNOPSIS: A young man with an ability to pass messages from the recently deceased to their loved ones finds himself caught up in a high-profile killing, and is forced to battle with his doubters as well as, increasingly, his own mind.