Less documentary than visual essay, Out of the Mist relies heavily on its narration by Kiwi author Eleanor Catton. The language employed is more flowery and verbose than your high school final, however, giving the commentary a particularly subjective – and opinionated – tone.

Although intriguing to those with an interest in film, Out of the Mist will be a tough slog for those who are not. It excellently highlights lesser-known New Zealand films, splicing together a montage of different scenes under different headings to give an interesting glimpse of our national filmography, and whetting the appetite for classic Kiwi cinema.

Out of the Mist is a good introduction to New Zealand cinema for those wanting to get beyond Lord of the Rings but not knowing where to start.




WRITER: Tim Wong

CAST: Eleanor Catton 

SYNOPSIS: This illustrated film essay contemplates the prevailing image of a national cinema while privileging some of the images and image-makers displaced by the popular view of filmmaking in New Zealand.

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About The Author


A year after finishing formal education I started to itch with the need to produce film analysis once more, and thus, found a place here. I love film, I will watch any genre, in any language, but have a particular enjoyment of the beautiful and strange. The first film I watched at the cinema was the Disney Hercules, I got to leave kindergarten early, this became the first sacrifice I happily made for my love of the silverscreen