Way back when, Good People would likely be hitting a supermarket’s DVD bin with a big fat “4.99!” sticker slapped on the case. Now it’ll shuffle onto Netflix under “Crime Films”, 1.5 red stars telling us what the absence of a price cannot.

Beat for beat, everything plays out predictably, competently: slow-burning first third, bubbling retaliation in the second, quasi-Home Alone action to finish.

In its favour, there’s a slick appreciation for the locale – refreshingly drab environments and convincing interiors. But when you catch yourself nodding at set-dressing, it speaks volumes about what’s happening around it.

Money found in baggage rarely comes without it, but normally it’s more interesting than Good People. Thanks to its characters, “by the numbers” here reads binary: 01111001 01100001 01110111 01101110.



CAST: James Franco, Kate Hudson, Tom Wilkinson

DIRECTOR: Henrik Ruben Genz

WRITERS: Marcus Sakey (novel), Kelly Masterson

SYNOPSIS: After discovering a large sum of money in their dead tenant’s flat, a young couple has their life turned upside down.