Brash, dumb, and cheerfully puerile, the Bad Education gang follow in the Inbetweeners’ footsteps in uprooting from their familiar surroundings for the big screen.

This move largely pays off, offering fresh opportunities for shenanigans with a strong supporting cast – most of whom are really above this, but appear very game and are funny as a result.

Despite a shaky script, the gags mostly hit their mark as the tone of comedy is taken to the broader, more slapstick extremes only intermittently shown by the TV series. Expect some juvenile laughs (and plenty of testicle jokes) but not much more.

The Bad Education Movie‘s crass humour will offer much to enjoy for fans of the series and Whitehall himself, but will do little for anyone not already on board.



DIRECTOR: Elliot Hegarty

WRITERS: Jack Whitehall, Freddy Syborn

CAST: Jack Whitehall, Iain Glen, Jeremy Irvine, Joanna Scanlan

SYNOPSIS: The irresponsible Mr Wickers (Whitehall) takes his unruly class for one final school trip to Cornwall to celebrate finishing their exams.