You Won’t Regret That Tattoo is a talking-head documentary about tattooed over-50s: men and women, military lads and spiritualists, diehard troublemakers and adorable housewives. It is filled with individual stories that are funny, moving, fascinating and heartbreaking about their moments of wild abandon and cathartic memorialisation, the events that are written on them.

Suddenly it is frustrating to think of the many ways in which tattoos are stereotyped and dismissed, as each person describes the control they took over their body. Tattoo makes a plea: it’s not your body, but it is their life, so just listen.

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CAST: Various

DIRECTOR: Angie Bird

PRODUCER: Michelle Woodward, Jane Garrah


SYNOPSIS: Short documentary where over-50s with tattoos discuss how they got them, why they got them and how they feel about them now.