“We came here to do a job.”

Uh oh. Storm on the way and 650 feet under; what could go wrong? Surely not everything? Sweaty faces and furrowed brows ensue.

Time’s only indicator the dwindling oxygen supply, director Ron Scalpello ensures some fleetingly potent tension inside, some effectively haunting shots outside.

Though formulaic, there is a satisfying ambition to the B-movie concept. Alas it’s either left unrealised, as with the relationship between these men and the sea, or it’s just ill-fitting, in the form of some nudity better resembling a music video on Kerrang!

Too baggy for its moments of unease to resonate throughout an already lean runtime, Pressure can’t quite rise above the level of mediocrity. At least it tries though.



CAST: Matthew Goode, Danny Huston, Joe Cole, Alan McKenna

DIRECTOR: Ron Scalpello

WRITERS: Louis Baxter (story), Alan McKenna, Paul Staheli

SYNOPSIS: The crew of a diving bell have to find a way to survive after losing contact with their ship.