After the early 2014 success of Aberdeen, Pang Ho-cheung explores new frontiers in the mainland Chinese market in the humorous Women Who Flirt.

Tomboyish Angie (Xun) chases the affections of her best friend Marco (Xiaoming) in a script which is an adaptation of popular book Loverman. Racy clothing, moderately forgettable performances, and opportunistic flirting “techniques” that raise laughter on-screen but cringing in reality ensue.

Pang Ho-cheung’s film is lacking in his traditional stylish shooting and flair, trademark wit exchanged for a middlingly above-par film pandering to mainland Chinese audiences. A quick cash-grab after Love in the Buff.

Women Who Flirt is a traditional rom-com that would be an incredible first film for an indie director – however it just feels like a half-hearted effort from Pang Ho-cheung.



CAST: Zhou Xun, Huang Xiaoming, Sonia Sui

DIRECTOR: Pang Ho-cheung

WRITER: Luk Yee-sum

SYNOPSIS: When a woman decides to take it upon herself to win back the love of her live, she realises she’ll have to sink to using her female prowess, and become what she despises the most: a woman who flirts.

Women Who Flirt recently played at the 14th Annual Asian Film Festival Of Dallas: