Despite overusing genre tropes, Spy is an enjoyable romp for those that are after a good bit of stupidity and solid laughs.

Melissa McCarthy’s characterisation is concise and well-executed, and she is backed by a strong supporting cast. The film’s centre is held together by a strong collective of female comedic actors that push a feminist agenda while delivering a story that will entertain many.

The film delivers a decent plot that twists and turns, and though the end is unsurprising the journey is thoroughly entertaining. As a whole the film’s failings are forgivable thanks to its moments of success.

Spy is funny, violent and exciting. Paul Feig has created yet another solid film that proves that female characters can be protagonists without limiting the story’s appeal.



CAST: Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Jason Statham, Jude Law, Allison Janney and Miranda Hart


WRITER: Paul Feig

SYNOPSIS: The CIA are forced to let timid office agent Susan (McCarthy) into the field to bring down a plot to sell a nuclear bomb.

A preview screening of Spy was kindly provided by 20th Century Fox and Substance Global.

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