It’s gorgeous; its gently flickering lights, exotic creatures and muted pinks, blues and greens move with the playful soundtrack. As a glorified advert it’s a wonderful little film: experimental, fascinating, a little strange and brave. It asks you to really listen to these creatures talk, to go with an idea which might seem strange but is common to all its interviewees.

It’s a simultaneous look into the power and objectification of female bodies; the woman as animal, but also as an animal of her choosing. Intentionally or not, it really talks about the way our imagination doesn’t match up with the limitation of our bodies.

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CAST: Unknown, various models

DIRECTOR: Gigi Ben Artzi



SYNOPSIS: Elle Sasson models discuss the animal they would want to be, and the animal they feel inside.

About The Author


When I’m not forcing my feminist agenda on unwitting passers by, or indulging my love of hilariously terrible sci-fi, I'm a Visual Effects Bidding Coordinator (no, no one at my work knows what that means either). Having both a mild obsession with dystopian fiction and an English degree from Exeter University, the 'Maybeland' feature is my bag/fault: I'm here to make sure you’re just as worried about the collapse of civilisation as I am!