Paperman has an old-fashioned simplicity about it; it makes no attempts to be clever or flash, but instead produces a charming, beautifully animated and funny film.

The heart-warming storyline is peppered with touches of humour and relatable circumstances while the musical score adds a playful nature which sweeps the plot along effortlessly. The characters are brought to life by a software which lets artists draw over computer-rendered sequences, allowing for the slickness of new Disney with the endearing style of the old.

Paperman is proof that a good story needs only a few minutes and a little bit of magic.

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DIRECTOR: John Kahrs

WRITTEN BY: Clio Chiang and Kendelle Hoyer

CAST: John Kahrs and Kari Wahlgren

SYNOPSIS: A young man tries to get the attention of a woman he meets at the train station.

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Based in London and currently back from a year working in the film industry abroad. My great loves are Gladiator, The Grinch and garlic bread (the food, not the movie (yes one does exist)).