L.A. comedy scene up-and-comer Andre Hyland’s Sundance selected short Funnel succeeds precisely because of its obvious limitations rather than in spite of them.

Less shoestring budgeted than aglet budgeted (those little plastic bits on the end of shoelaces), Funnel is written, directed and starred in by Hyland himself – and it says much about his potential as both a comedy actor and as a filmmaker that Breaking Bad’s Bob Odenkirk lent his name to this lo-fi quest.

Naturalistically funny and cannily edited, Funnel draws upon the best slacker traditions to present an incredibly well realised character in barely seven minutes.

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DIRECTOR: Andre Hyland

WRITTEN BY: Andre Hyland

CAST: Andre Hyland

SYNOPSIS: When a man’s car breaks down, he finds himself on a quest for a funnel.