Stories of Our Lives is filmed in stunning black and white. It is a well-constructed display of thoughtful editing and eloquent cinematography.

Yet this brave and intimate film is more than just aesthetically arresting. The succinct and simple screenplay is modest but also quietly assertive, impactful and profound, brought to life by gifted actors who perform beautifully throughout.

A standout vignette is ‘Athman’, which documents the story of a man in love with his understanding but bewildered straight best friend. This poetic story epitomises the emotionally rich and genuine nature of Stories of Our Lives: clever, deeply human and intensely moving.

The NEST Collective has accomplished a near perfect first cinematic foray, despite daunting social and financial circumstances. This well-judged, vivid and triumphantly beautiful film packs unbelievable power into 60 minutes.



CAST: Kelly Gichohi, Paul Ogola, Tim Mutungi, Mugambi Nthiga, Rose Njenga

DIRECTOR: Jim Chuchu

WRITER: Jim Chuchu, Njoki Ngumi

SYNOPSIS: Stories of Our Lives is based on true accounts collected by The NEST Collective. The film is comprised of five thematically linked and inclusive vignettes (“Ask Me Nicely”, “Run”, “Athman”, “Duet”, “Each Night I Dream”) that symbolise the LGBTI experience in Kenya.

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