Do I Sound Gay? is an open, interesting and amusing documentary that, frustratingly, only skims the surface of the questions it provokes.

This fleeting and slightly unsubstantial quality is compounded by personal portions warring with the wider issues. Likewise, the funny-but-serious tone can feel trivial and discordant.

Thorpe’s enthusiastic cinematic exploration browses through many fascinating emotional issues. Unfortunately, points of interest are diminished by brevity and under-explained buzzwords, while potentially interesting perspectives are often overlooked.

On the whole, Do I Sound Gay? is didactic and empowering, but not overly rigorous; its encouraging premise is not entirely satisfied.

Do I Sound Gay? is an interesting and earnest first glimpse at an intriguing question; hopefully it will inspire others to take up the mantle.



CAST: David Thorpe,  Margaret Cho, Tim Gunn, Don Lemon, Dan Savage, David Sedaris, George Takei

DIRECTOR: David Thorpe

WRITER: David Thorpe

SYNOPSIS: Do I Sound Gay? is a first-person documentary by David Thorpe which – through linguistic and cultural explorations – asks the hitherto unexplored question ‘is there such a thing as a ‘”gay voice’’? 

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