Produced to accompany his recent novel Consumed, Cronenberg’s The Nest stands alone as an effective miniature thesis on destructive obsession. It observes the horrific meeting point between mind and body in a bloodless yet startling short that bubbles with menace.

Celestine (Evelyne Brochu) is a bug-eyed, jittering apotemnophiliac seeking surgery to remove her breast to rid her of the insect infestation therein. The nature of her plight epitomises the kind of venereal horror that the director is famous for, dramatising a fear of the body, and its capacity for self-destruction, that might lead one to undergo a preventative mastectomy. Chilling.

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DIRECTOR: David Cronenberg

WRITTEN BY: David Cronenberg

CAST: Evelyne Brochu, David Cronenberg

SYNOPSIS: An interview between a surgeon and a topless, paranoid patient who believes she has a nest of insects residing in her left breast.