The warped mind of black comedy genius Chris Morris won a BAFTA for My Wrongs #8245-8249 & 117, a title that refers to the most recent in a long list of wrongdoings committed by Paddy Considine’s nameless protagonist, wrongdoings that are being defended by his lawyer, Rothko. Rothko is a dog.

Formally most akin to Morris’ nightmarish TV series Jam, the short warps and toys with the senses to accentuate the surrealist nature of the plot, culminating in a challenging piece of filmmaking, both visually, aurally and thematically, but one that is bleakly funny in a way only Morris can concoct.

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CAST: Paddy Considine

DIRECTOR: Chris Morris

WRITER: Chris Morris

SYNOPSIS: A man who no longer uses his name, because he’s decided he’s ceased to deserve one, looks after a dog called Rothko who says he is the man’s lawyer. As reality bleeds into hallucination, Rothko decides to take the man for a walk…