Rob McLellan’s 8 minute exploration of cold obsession under the chilling light of self-awareness finds new material for the affectionate sociopath, chillingly augmenting the inherent superficiality of torture-porn with sci-fi afforded depth and motivation.

Now set up as a feature film at MGM, Abe’s VFX-induced tension and unease stems from supremely accomplished CG expressiveness, and an overall committal to the character’s authenticity. Abe’s rigid, unmoving visage forces his knowingly flawed pathology to manifest in areas that would otherwise be unimportant. It’s these purposeful idiosyncrasies that allow Abe to so effortlessly delve into the uncanny – bridging the other/human space with an unavoidably skewed objectivity.

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CAST: Sam Hoare, Claire Huskisson, Emily Baxter

DIRECTOR: Rob McLellan

WRITERS: Rob McLellan

SYNOPSIS: A malfunctioning android attempts to surgically alter human beings into loving him.