Ambition affords an unusual luxury to ORWAV; only 6 minutes, 39 seconds to discuss in our economical 100 words…

It is an impressive and dizzying 399 seconds in which a space mission meets philosophy, and science blends with art. The desired impact is achieved thanks to stunning cinematography, jaw-dropping effects and an allegorical script performed with passion.

The film is suitably sparing in its technicality, nevertheless it is difficult – and unjust – to separate Ambition from its scientific context. The scientists are understandably overjoyed that this cinematic first evocatively conveys the humanity, curiosity and ambition behind the pure magic of discovery.

ESA have received the iconic film they sought in a story that captures our imagination, despite its constraining brevity, and bursts the cinematic bubble to meld with real-world wonder. Ambition ignites timely awe and anticipation as we count down to the first attempted comet landing (yes, that’s correct!) this November 12th. Watch this space…



CAST: Aidan Gillen, Aisling Franciosi

DIRECTOR: Tomek Baginski

WRITERS: Tomek Baginski, Afolabi Kuti, Tobiasz Piatkowski, Jacek Dukaj, Jan Pomierny

SYNOPSIS: The European Space Agency (ESA) collaborate with Platige Image to create a short sci-fi film promoting and exploring the philosophy behind the Rosetta mission studying comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. In a futuristic setting a master (Gillen) and his apprentice (Franciosi) discuss with hindsight the impetus behind the space missions we are lucky enough to currently witness.

We greatly appreciate that a free screening to this film was provided by the ESA and DDA PR.