Carried by both Woodley and Green’s arresting portrayal of familial detachment and sexual frustration within “perfected” 80’s suburbia, White Bird in a Blizzard takes on great pace, but little depth.

Taken from Laura Kasischke’s novel of the same name, Gregg Araki’s hazy interpretation sees much of the same narrated introspection found in the book, but does little to firmly ground its inner voice through outer-worldy evidence or suggestion.

White Bird in a Blizzard makes full use of its all-star cast, driving a performance-led drama through a somewhat lacklustre adaptation.

Gregg Araki’s fast-moving adaptation of Laura Kasischke’s novel half-heartedly takes on far-reaching issues of self-discovery, forcing an undeniably shallow experience that belays the potential magnitude of its subject.



CAST: Shailene Woodley, Eva Green, Christopher Meloni

DIRECTOR: Gregg Araki

WRITERS: Gregg Araki

SYNOPSIS: A teenage girl undergoes forced therapy following the disappearance of her mother.