Sin City: A Dame to Kill For fully neglects the thematic intensity of both its predecessor and literary source. Though it takes little deviation from either, Dame is disappointingly bereft of the tonal nihilism afforded by pre-existing neo-noir elements.

However, near all of these appear subdued in comparison to prior examples of Sin City‘s propensity for hard-boiled abstractions. Rodriguez and Miller ultimately fail to commit to the inherent severity of their subject matter, as well as the accompanying visual style. By betraying the conceptual integrity of its forebear through unnecessary compromise, Dame unfortunately squanders the richness of its assumed atmosphere.

Despite the opportunities granted by previous installments, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For regrettably features less of the same – both in style and substance. 



CAST: Mickey RourkeJessica AlbaJosh Brolin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

DIRECTOR: Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller

WRITERS: Frank Miller

SYNOPSIS: Benevolent criminals cross paths throughout Basin City.