Last Love begins with Michael Caine attempting an American accent and wandering the streets of a rose-tinted Paris, in mourning.

Having fallen in with Poésy, herself nursing issues – “I like your beard, it reminded me of my father” – he continues in much the same vein, stopping here and there to hug, stare wistfully, and chat with his deceased wife.

Things pick up once Morgan’s offspring come to town, all angst and loaded glares, then gets bogged down in the mush once more, leaving predictable beats to be hit until we inevitably fade out on a Norah Jones song.

A near-glacial two hours that somehow forgets to explore two of its more interesting characters – an impressive feat considering it only really has three to begin with.



CAST: Michael Caine, Clemence Poésy, Jeff Kirk

DIRECTOR: Sandra Nettelbeck

WRITERS: Sandra Nettelbeck (screenplay), Françoise Dorner (novel)

SYNOPSIS: Mourning the death of his wife, a retired professor living in Paris develops a friendship with a young dance instructor.