It might seem peculiar that a film comprised of a series of observations and very little dialogue could be so riveting, yet it is. This is facilitated by Jem Cohen’s insightful eye. Through his perspective we are offered a unique window through which to view – in condensed form – a spectrum of emotion and the special moments we all glimpse from time to time.

Embraced moments and snapshots of life combine to make Counting a lyrical and enriching documentary. Wonderfully unusual and initially non-contextualised, perspectives overflow to transform potentially mundane sights into something significant or perhaps even completely reevaluated.

Simultaneously current and timeless, Counting has no message or creed to preach but is no less profound. It is the perfect example of how the constrained parameter of a camera lens has the power to make us look closer and with renewed wonder.




SYNOPSIS: This 15 chapter documentary arranges a catalogue of music, sound and footage from the period 2012 to 2014, in order to explore everyday life in iconic cities such as New York, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Istanbul, Porto and London.